Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New resource on "Mainstreaming" violence prevention

The Oxfam Guide to End Violence against Women, which I wrote earlier this year with generous input from Oxfam International affiliates around the world, has been published in a colourful version that can now be downloaded from the Oxfam Policy and Practice Blog (click on the title to get there). It can work as a useful guide for any organisation whose objectives are not primarily to end violence against women (hence the term "mainstreaming" in the title).
(Photograph: Oxfam)
Gender-based violence and, in particular, violence against women and girls are such widespread issues that no-one can afford to ignore them. For example, in Germany, one in four women have been violently assaulted by a male intimate partner - and that figure does not include more "subtle" forms of violence that are widespread, such as sexual harassment at work, at educational institutions and in other public places. Please read the guide. I'd also be delighted to take your feed-back, via the comments function below or by e-mail if you know my address ;-) Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about violence against women and what to do about it, there is plenty of information available from the UN WOMEN Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence against Women.


Anonymous said...

Hello Michaela

Congratulations on your recent publication with Oxfam on how to end violence against women.

And... what an impressive knowledge of languages. I am a professional freelance translator English> Spanish > English and would love to have the opportunity of translating this publication.

I was one of the main translators with Oxfam GB since 1986, but lately I think the organisation is doing its translations through an agency.

Some of the main work I have done with Oxfam and other agencies has been on Diversity. I translated all the material for years.

I just would love to support your work by making available in a good Spanish translation. If you think you may be able to use my services or can suggest how I can begin to translate with Oxfam again, please write.

My email: mariu.arzayus@gmail.com

I wish you all the best and keep up the good work!

Michaela Raab said...

Hello Mariu,
Thank you for your message. I hope you'll find the publication useful! As to your offer, I will forward your message to my Oxfam International contacts in New York. They have been planning to translate the document but I do not know what the practical arrangements are.
Best wishes back,