Wednesday, 2 January 2013

On the web: evaluation of women's participation in peace building

Happy New Year!
Better late than never: This is to let you know that an English language summary of my evaluation of a multi-country project to enhance women's participation in peace building has been published. You can find it on the medica mondiale web-site, by clicking on this link.
For the sake of learning from each other's experience, I would prefer evaluation reports to be disseminated  in full. But it is a laudable first step to start with the executive summary! (Probably medica mondiale would be happy to share the full report upon request - contact them directly if you're interested.)
Some large players in international development, such as IFAD and Oxfam, have made their evaluations available on the web, even though they are not always easy to find (for example, my evaluation of the South Asian "We Can" Campaign can be accessed here). I'd wish someone could create a large searchable library of evaluation reports, so as to feed project planners and evaluators with potentially useful data and tools...

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