Thursday, 29 January 2015

A written survey with people who don't read and write

Last year - ah, no, in 2013 - my colleague Wolfgang Stuppert and I carried out an evaluation of services for survivors of violence against women and girls in Mozambique. We felt it was important to gather feedback from many women and girls who used the services. We had only little time in Mozambique and no resources to train enumerators who would interview large numbers of service users.

We decided to organise a written survey. But some service users, we were told, could not read and write well enough.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Why Ukraine?

A reader has asked whether I have found out why this blog gets many hits from Ukraine, where I know few people. His blog records many hits from Ukraine, too.
I have no idea!

Could it be that people who experience difficulties accessing websites with such words as "human rights" hide behind a Ukrainian identity to escape censorship in their countries? Or is Ukraine where all those people are located who keep trying to post comments with dubious links?

Will post soon: written surveys with respondents who don't read and write.