Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Homa Hoodfar

Some days ago a friend forwarded a message to my inbox - "Homa Hoodfar indicted on unknown charges", it said. 

I met Professor Homa Hoodfar in 2009, at a conference on gender and religion hosted by the Böll Foundation in Berlin. Impressed by the workshop facilitated by Homa, I wrote about that event here. The group #FreeHoma offers a site that shows a selection of her publications.

I do not understand why an internationally respected academic gets arrested when visiting her homeland. What are the charges brought against her? Why? 

My thoughts are with Homa and all those who want to see her freed.

Sadly, women human rights defenders are threatened throughout the world. For more reading, I recommend AWID's site on the issue, which includes recommendations for holistic protection. 

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