Saturday, 11 October 2008

MOVIE - outcome-oriented M+E

MOVIE is an outcome-oriented monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool developed in 2007 by Dirk Sprenger for ZIVIK, a German group specialised in funding international conflict transformation projects. The tool, presented in a 20-page manual, is interesting for small NGOs searching for accessible M&E methods, as well for large players who wish to put more focus on outcomes and impact. Please scroll to the bottom of the page if you need a link to zivik.

On 10 and 11 October, a week-end meeting brought together co-developers and first users - including myself, who had participated in first brainstorming and feed-back sessions on Oxfam's behalf in 2007 - in a Berlin learning event. A key discussion point was the transition from aim-oriented, logframe-type planning to a more outcome/ impact-oriented approach. MOVIE does not refer to "target groups" but to "key actors", stressing the active role of those involved in conflicts and their peaceful transformation. The indicators used are process-oriented, recording the sometimes tiny steps it takes to make change in a conflict situation, rather than the attainment of more distant aims.

ZIVIK has adjusted its grant application and reporting forms to integrate MOVIE. Suggestions have been made to establish a platform for practitioners' experience exchange on MOVIE. Watch this space (and the zivik site)!