Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Public Affairs via You Tube - UChannel

During a casual google search, I came across this wonderful site where you can download high quality,full-length lectures by academics, policy makers and other articulate, well-informed people on a wide range of subjects, all related to public and international affairs. UChannel is hosted by Princeton University and free of charge for its users (you need a reasonably fast internet connection, though). Its videos are posted on YouTube as well (but I doubt that applies to all of them).
Last night I watched, on this channel, a presentation by Roland Petit, former International Prosecutor at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, which I recommend to anyone who wants to know about the structure and functioning of this extraordinary court. This morning, I was most impressed by Louise Arbour's lecture on Human Rights and the extremely rich questions and answers following it.
On the same channel, you can find a speech by Sayyed Mustafa Kamal, Mayor of Karachi, on the challenges of modern urbanism, and a whole series of lectures on Surveillance and Privacy in an Age of National Insecurity, a series on juvenile justice --- and much, much more...