Saturday, 8 May 2010

Movies that are bad for Women

Societies are shaped by everyone's everyday actions. In turn, what we see around us shapes our own thoughts and deeds. And vice-versa. And the other way round. And so on.
Probably animated by this spirit - everything matters, and everyone can do something about it - Alison Bechdel, a comic strip author, put together three basic rules to assess whether a film is worth watching. The film needs to
1. have at least two women in it
2. who talk to each other
3. about something besides a man.

Try it. You'll be surprised. In Avatar, for example, there are women - but they only talk about a man. In "Up", another recent success, women don't talk to each other at all. The films that challenge stereotypes about women's roles in society are few and far between. It's a man's world on the silver screen.

View and add movies on the bechdel list: HERE. The picture above is adapted from Allison Bechdel's blog, which you can find HERE. It displays the comic strip that is at the origin of the Bechdel rule.