Saturday, 26 June 2010

Lovely Sites full of Tools

I realise I must update my link lists some time soon. Meanwhile, I have come across two enormously commendable sites, one from Canada, one from Australia.

Social Analysis Systems offers loads of tools for community-based research, organisational learning, project planning and evaluation, and other forms of public engagement. You'll find tools for actor-mapping, scenario construction, critical path drawing, risk assessment - I haven't counted the tools but there are many and the instructions appear easy to use. The sites speaks Español, Français, Bengali, Nepali and Marathi!

The Change Agency is an independent activist training initiative from Australia. Their site includes a rich section with the title "Training Resources", grouped under four dimensions: social action skills, big picture thinking and political analysis (including strategy), organisational development and maintenance, and personal development and life skills. Just the section on organisational development contains 27 resources - many in the shape of one or two pages of essential advice.
Careful - you may start rummaging around and spend the rest of your day in these sites!