Thursday, 4 August 2011

Enjoying Indian Hospitality

Greetings from the road... This blog has been silent for a few weeks because I am knee-deep in a six-country evaluation of a unique 7-year campaign. One of the case studies is in India - I am writing this from New Delhi.
Now, last week I developed high fever and had to be hospitalised. The first time in my life to be in a hospital as a patient!!! After four days on IV drips, I am back to life and full of new insights:
  • Adversity can hide amazing delights. When I could not use my right hand because it was attached to the drip, my left hand and my feet developed fascinating new modes of cooperation. I felt like a child learning to crawl. And a bit like a monkey. That was strangely enjoyable.
  • The low labour costs in India make that hospitals are staffed in ways German doctors and patients can only dream of: a dizzying abundance of cleaners, catering staff, two levels of assistant nurses, two levels of nurses, two levels of doctors... On the days when I had high fever, a constant stream of people came to look after me. I did realise at some point, though, that cleaners, caterers and "lower-level" nurses were hoping for tips. Don't know how low those low labour costs go.
  • Indian hospital food is the perfect Indian food for me. I think I shall look out for a nursing home in Kerala or some other women-friendly beautiful state to spend my old old days..
  • And: having people who care look after you is half of the cure! Loads and loads of thanks to those who have helped me through the procedures and the emotional stress!