Sunday, 3 March 2013

Michael Quinn Patton on key developments in evaluation

...including a call for a greater acknowledgement of complexity and context in evaluation! Find his recent keynote speech for the South Asia Evaluation conclave here: Evaluation Conclave 2013: DAY 3 - Keynote Mr. Michael Quinn Patton - YouTube. There is a lovely but lengthy introduction by a host - if you want to skip it, jump straight to minute 7:30. A beautiful rant on RCTs as being inappropriate, inadequate and distorting in some circumstances happens near the middle of the speech.
More recordings from the Evaluation Conclave, plus plenty of other useful material on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are available on the SeaChange site, a community of practice on M&E focused on climate change. You will also find a recent presentation by Robert Chambers on participatory evaluation.