Thursday, 9 August 2018

Still some places available at our EES professional development workshop

Please join us at the biennial conference of the European Evaluation Society in Thessaloniki in early October!  Jasmin Rocha and I will be there, participating in lots of inspiring sessions and delivering a paper on using the DAC criteria in evaluations in the field of human rights. 

On October 1st, we'll run a pre-conference professional development workshop with the title "How to deal with 'mission impossible' evaluations"

The workshop is designed to enhance participants’ skills and knowledge in 
  1. Identifying pitfalls in evaluation terms of reference (TOR), so that evaluators can 
  2. Make well-founded choices with regard to submitting an offer/expression of interest (or decide it is not worth the effort), 
  3. Develop robust proposals for evaluations, especially of programs and project portfolios, and 
  4. Communicate the proposals effectively to the (potential) client. We will use concrete examples from real evaluations and distil learning from participants’ experience, to develop a framework that can guide participants in making the best of sometimes confusing, over-ambitious or excessively laconic TOR.
You can register for the workshop here. In case you experience any technical issues in the registration process, there are e-mail addresses of the conference secretariat who can help you.

We hope to see you in Thessaloniki!