Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Improving remote meetings

Everyone knows those remote conferences that start with "hello? can you hear me? is everyone there? was that XYZ? ABC, are you there? oh, this must be DEF joining us? I hear an echo! my microphone doesn't seem to work! toctoctoc!" and so forth. Fifteen minutes later, the conversation starts - a long silence, then several people try to speak at the same time, another silence, someone asks a question, someone talks for a really long time, a dog barks in the background (I once sat through a teleconference with a parrot screaming throughout the entire conversation) (the conference was with the parrot's owner), more silence, clicking and beeps (presumably people writing emails and chatting in other windows), then someone asks a banal question about something that has been discussed already (but presumably they haven't noticed because they have been busy in their other chat windows), and after two hours, a volley of good-byes. Sometimes some things get done during such conversations, but there are definitely more efficient ways of running them. If you click on "Read more", a huge and highly informative infographic will open up.