Sunday 25 December 2016

Resolutions for 2017

Dear reader,
if you drop by regularly, you may have noticed that this blog has been in a state of semi-hibernation for a few months. I have been wildly busy working on a complex evaluation with a wonderful team; this will keep me busy for many more months to come. So, things will stay relatively quiet on these pages. But I'll add posts every so often. (At the moment, I am awaiting copyright clearance to repost the "sidekick manifesto" on development - summarised in a lovely infographic. Watch this space.) 

If you are looking for inspiration on evaluation - one of my favourite browsing pastures in that field is, which currently advertises a special holiday package of free gadgets, including - inter alia - the world clock meeting planner that identifies the best possible moment for meetings across time zones, the GeneraTOR software that helps you to draw up TOR, and a few graphics programmes for logical models (slightly more comfortable than designing diagrams with Power Point).

Meanwhile, all my best wishes for a healthy, happy and successful 2017!