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This is a list of links to older posts on Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. Updates are irregular, i.e. you will probably find extra, more recent posts on the main page of this blog.
Within the sub-headings, the posts are organised in inverse chronological order, i.e. the most recent ones come on top.

Conference reports and related musings

Good things happen in the short term and bad things happen in the long term - musings triggered by the 2015 EES - OECD - UNESCO - French evaluation society conference

Best poster award at EES conference - More on the 2014 conference of the European Evaluation Society: my posts of 24 September (link to our presentation) and 25 December 2015 (on moral judgment)

Politics of evidence - an abstract - See also the posts of 4 May and 20 April 2013  

Evidence of what worked, at some point, in some places

Systems approaches in evaluation

Simple words about complexity

Experience and tools 

Lots of information on a review carried out using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) on our dedicated blog www.evawreview.de 

A written survey with people who don't read and write

Conducting qualitative interviews

A rough guide to building monitoring systems

Evaluating efficiency in campaigning

Warmth and attention - linking to our blog on quality of services for survivors of violence

Monitoring legal aid

Evaluating advocacy by evaluating advocates

Beyond logframe

10 things to know about evaluations

Video tutorials on impact evaluation See also the post of 12 August, 3ie comment on video tutorials

Participatory statistics - See also my post of 9 May, with a link to Carlos Barahona's video
Embracing failure

Monitoring on women's rights

Measuring progress in gender equality

Various thoughts