Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bonne nouvelle!

La documentation Genre et Gouvernance par BRIDGE (Université de Sussex) existe désormais en francais, espagnol et portugais. Cliquez sur HERE (ci-dessous en bleu) pour y accéder, et pour trouver d'autres kits d'information BRIDGE à l'usage des professionnels du développement.
The BRIDGE "cutting edge" pack on Gender and Governance is now available in French, Spanish and Portuguese translations: to download it, click > HERE. For those who don't know the BRIDGE packs yet, do rummage around on the site - these information packs are concise, up-to-date, great companions to anyone involved in social development and free.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Organisations in systems theory

Fritz B. Simon, psychiatrist-turned-management consultant (sic!) is a prolific author of highly legible books bringing together systems theory and real life practice. His Introduction to Organisational Systems Theory (my -slightly inaccurate- translation of the German title, Einführung in die systemische Organisationstheorie) is delightful to read, but so condensed that any attempt to summarise it would fail. I just want to share a couple of highlights...