Wednesday 24 September 2014

EES presentation: Evaluation methods and approaches

Next week in Dublin, at the 11th Biennial Conference of the European Evaluation Society (EES), I'll present the findings of our review of methods and approaches in evaluations of interventions on violence against women and girls (written by Michaela Raab and Wolfgang Stuppert, commissioned by the UK Department for International Development DFID).

In case you happen to be at the conference, you are warmly invited to drop by at one of the two sessions where our findings will be presented:

  • Poster presentation on Wednesday 1 October at 2pm, Poster area Liffey A.
  • Session on  Thursday 2 October at 9:45am at Wicklow, Meeting Room 2b. The session, facilitated by Zoe Stephenson (DFID), will focus on effective evaluation in the field of violence against women and children. Sally Neville (UK), Alexandra Chambel and Krishna Belbase (USA) and I will present papers.
If you wish to read the full review report, or find out about the methodology we have used (chiefly Qualitative Comparative Analysis -QCA- and Process Tracing), please visit the dedicated site The site includes updates from our research process, links to the full scoping, inception and review reports and (in the posting "Presentations at the EES Conference") a link to a handy 2-page document that summarises our findings. 

The QCA specialists on our review team, Wolfgang Stuppert and Julian Brückner, can't make it to the EES conference this year. If you have any technical questions on specific aspects of QCA in our review, feel free to contact Wolfgang Stuppert via the e-mail address contained in our reports - or rummage through, which includes our responses to questions raised by other evaluators.

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