Monday 13 September 2021

Moving to

In its 13th year (can you believe it ?!), this blog moves to my new website, on a dedicated blog page. Over the coming months, I will review the content on and move some favourites to the new virtual space. And then, in a year or two or three, I will close down, this very page you're on right now.

I hesitate to praise Blogger/Google but I can't help being grateful for such a low-threshold space to publish content, keep a (now defunct) library of links to interesting sites, share information on my activities and so forth. It has been fun to check the analytics, realising that my posts have attracted readers from all world regions, from Iceland to the Pacific Islands! 

There are much better-resourced online libraries on monitoring and evaluation now. But I will continue writing, on my new blog, because blogging is an excellent way to organise one's thoughts. Please do pay a visit to evalfacil blog and if you have followed me here, start following me there! There will also be an option to share comments.

Many thanks for reading me!


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